How Much Sugar Should You Eat in One Day?

The world of sugar can be confusing. One thing is certain though; there is ample evidence that reducing the amount of sugar you eat per day will have a positive effect on your health. Many people find themselves asking how much sugar should I eat per day?

10 Questions with Crossfit Athlete Shaikha Al Qassemi

Shaikha Al Qassemi, 27, a Crossfit athlete from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) started her journey in early 2013 with a growing passion to change her lifestyle. Shaikha is also a Level 1 Crossfit coach and has experience in coaching in many different specialities within Crossfit. She coached ladies classes in both Sharjah and Dubai and during that period the improvements in her students encouraged her to want to inspire more women to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

How To Set Goals

Did you know that most people have never made a list of their top ten goals in their life. How can you achieve your goals if you are not crystal clear about what your goals actually are? In this post you will learn the most effective way to set goals and achieve them. All you need is a notebook, a pen and the technique described in this post.